My invention

This invention lets you walk around the physical world in your dreams.  it is actually verysimple to make but VERY expensive to buy all the parts. it works by using an encoded pattern of numbers that make a series of brain waves. which,in turn allow you to have a completely controlled dreamimg003

Snow days

On snow days I like to: Wake up and realize that there is snow on the ground. Then I’ll get up early and find out its a snow day. Then I’ll do a little dance and (this is new) play on my Wii. Then I’ll go outside and play with my friends.I’ll come in and have coco around lunch.I’ll go to bed between 7:00 and 8:00. Well,thats my snow day for you.

Gratatude Diary

I am thankful for these things: soap,water,earth,monkeys,islands,guys,brushes,wood,vans,fans,men,women,ships,nomads,rabits,knights,umbrellas,legions of pets,ink,Mayans,bats,cars,candy canes,gummy bears,ships,bubbles,cans,peace,paranormal,dogs,candies,EL,legos,Stonehinge,and L-I-F-E.


To me being gifted means I get to go to EL(by the way EL rocks!). It also means that I am a bit different. I enjoy being gifted. I did someting called So,you're gifted... . I got the color gold and the letters E,N,F,and J.
Gold means that I have (and not to brag) value,stabilaty,and strength. My letters mean that I am kind,giving,loyal,creative,and honest.